Saturday, August 2, 2008


Wow, what a busy week. I finally got up to visit the boxers that were staying on the property. Max and Molly are just two big sooks - certainly didn't live up to their breed's reputation. Mistress Lyn insisted on taking a photo of them for my blog, so here they are. By all accounts they, and their owners, had a great time while they were here for two weeks and we'll see them again next year.
The weather has been great and our gardener, John, is doing a fantastic job of pruning and mulching. That's John and I discussing all things organic. He doesn't seem to appreciate it
when I help with the digging, but otherwise he is a pretty good guy.

ML's son Jack is here for the rock festival 'Splendour in the Grass' (better known as 'Splinters in the Arse' by us locals). When I first got adopted into this family, Jack was only 11 and now he is 21! And we both look great for our age, if I do say so myself. Will post photos of Jack and his friends next time. 

One of the rock'n'rollers who are staying with us for the festival, drove her van into a field and got bogged. Lyn's friend Andy was called to the scene of the crime and soon had her out and on her way. Yes, she's a blonde. No other comment required.

Feeling a bit lazy today as the weather is soooooo good. Just snoozed on the back verandah all day and just might do the same tomorrow - its a tough life, but someone's got to do it.

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rowena said...

Dear Charlie McCarthy,
I am already an instant fan of you and your blog site. Why can't there be more doggie bloggers around?

Thank you for joining in on the fun on 6 random things about you. I'm impressed that you eat organic produce! Mr. B, as you've already read, eats most anything, and Maddie the westie is mad for pizza crust, junkfood junkie that she is.

I look forward to more of your posts!