Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Saturday and its Farmers Market Day here in Bangalow. Well, for humans anyway - another case of discrimination against canines! I had to be tied up to a bench while Mistress Lyn went shopping. My pride wouldn't allow for this travesty to be photographed, so we have some photos of the Farmers Markets instead. ML ran into her friend Claire who is running a campaign against the use of plastic bags. She collects leftover material, donated by locals, and makes groovy shopping bags which she then gives away. Excellent! 

ML is feeling a bit hung-over today as she overdid it at the local watering hole last night. Her friends Slim and Dave were playing in a band there and by all accounts the place rocked. Slim plays bass and Dave the sax. And, again, I was left at home to look after myself!  Felix, the pesky Abyssinan cat, (and my rival for everyone's attention), insisted on sitting with me on the lounge while we watched the opening of the Olympics. I have to admit that it was pretty amazing even if I do have major reservations about supporting a country that (gulp) EATS DOGS!!!!

The weather is absolutely brilliant and even though its officially still winter, the spring blossoms have already started to emerge. ML is busy in the kitchen making cumquat liquor. Yummy.

Oh, oh, gotta go. I think I see those disobedient ducks loitering near ML's swimming pool. Better go sort that out.

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