Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Monday, so good to me....

Sunday was a lazy one, as predicted. After the sun was out all day Saturday, Sunday turned out to be freezing. Mistress Lyn and I snuggled up in front of the television with a DVD of 'Lust and Caution'. Beautiful film by Ang Lee, but about five minutes from the end the DVD broke down and we have no idea how it ended! Book-keeper Victoria lent it to us, so we are going to have to get the low-down on the finale from her. So frustrating. I knew we should have watched 'Best in Show'.

Yeah, today I got to leave the property. I love going for trips in the car. ML and I went to the gym. Spirit is about a 10 minute drive away and they are very, very nice to us pups - even if we are expected to be tied up outside with a bowl of water. At least there are lots of gym junkies coming and going, so I get my fare share of pats. Here's a photo of the lovely Anthea giving me a massage after I went overboard with my downward dog position.

Then it was off to the local shops where we called in and said hello to everyone: Keith at the greengrocers, Ruth at the Country Women's Association store, Nicole at the Post Office, and Richard at the Newsagent. Ran into a very nice dog called Biko. Suggested that he might like to start his own blog and we could link to each other. Said the only links he was interested in were sausage links. Duh!

When we got home I had a bit of a chat to Vince and Olly, head of the duck community here on the farm. Lots of fuss about the fox that's been visiting and I've promised to circle the duck pen each night and let off a few warning barks, before I go to bed. Much as those ducks are a pain in the butt, us pets have got to stick together. That's the three of us having a sub-committee meeting on the back lawn. 

Lots of winter fruit and vegies are out. We chopped down some bananas yesterday and have some ripening on the back verandah. ML loves the silver beet and the cumquats, the custard apples and the passionfruit. Me?  I'm just happy munching on an old bone. 

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Saturday and the sun came out in full force: do you think I got taken to the dog friendly beach? Or for a romp over the paddocks? Or into town for a bit of a shop and sniff? No way dear readers. I was left at home to get up to my own devices while Mistress Lyn hob-nobbed it down to Byron to meet up with old mate David Stratton. She even brought back this photo which she is insisting that I put on my blog page, just to rub it in. ML hasn't seen David in a few years, so by all accounts it was really pleasant, with coffee first at the Byronian Cafe and then up to the Beach Hotel restaurant for a fantastic 3 course meal with wines and an entertaining chat by David and Bruce Beresford (director of Breaker Morant, Driving Miss Daisy, etc. etc). about the books they had written and were spruiking at the festival. It was supposed to be sold out, but David was able to wrangle ML a ticket. Obviously not what you know, but who you know!

Then she rushes in, tells us all about the amazing food she just ate, feeds us all our (very ordinary) dinner and takes off again! This time its to see local gals Scarlett Affection do their farewell gig before they go off on tour. I have to admit those gals are pretty special, so can't complain. That's them in the other pic. I tell you, they can rub my tummy any time they like!

Bad news: there is a fox sneaking around the farm and we have lost our two laying ducks, Tina and Pru. We are on high alert, especially as we have babies to protect. Its guys like these that give us canines a bad name. 

Looks like a bit of a lazy day today, although the Bangalow Markets are on and the Writers Festival is all a go-go, so I wouldn't be surprised what ML gets up to. Personally, I'd be happy just reading the Sunday paper and getting a takeaway doggycinno. 

Friday, July 25, 2008

All Rained Out

The Byron Bay Writers Festival was rained out so Mistress Lyn decided to take us both to Bangalow Hairdressing for a spruce up. Not that I need it of course, but I like to keep ML company while she gets 'rooted and blow jobbed' as she puts it. That's John in the pic, doing his best with my 'do'.

Our friend Tracey called in with lunch. She seems to think that I will get on with her feline friend, Victoria, (not the stalker book-keeper from yesterday), but let's set the record straight - Me Dog, She Cat. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not one for mixed marriages. Now, then again, ML does insist on keeping that no-good Abyssinian cat Felix in the house, so I wouldn't mind getting rid of him. Maybe Tracey can do a bit of match-making there. 

David Stratton and Bruce Beresford are featured at a literary lunch tomorrow at the Beach Hotel, but ML couldn't get tickets as they were all sold out. Pity as she worked with David at the Sydney Film Festival, so she is hoping to be able to catch up with him while he is here. Tomorrow night she is going to see local girls Scarlet Affection and support act The Romaniacs, which should be a good gig. Once again, no dogs allowed (what the!). 

Didn't get a chance to check out the three boxers up at our holiday cottage, but they are here for a couple of weeks, so all in good time. Every now and again I run out the front and let off a few barks just so they know who is the boss around here.

ML going off to the pub tonight and leaving me at home alone. Thank God for cable TV. Anyone seen that show 'Balls of Steel'? Incredibly funny. I think its on the Comedy Channel Thursdays. Not as good as 'Dogs With Jobs' of course, but worth a look-see.

Thanks Linda and Alf for the email. A big lick on the face back to you too. And Victoria (yes, you the stalking book-keeper), I'm flattered, but you must stop the texts and emails. Its getting embarrassing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book-keeper Loves Dog: Go Figure!

Ok, so its a couple of days since I've dogged on .... oops, sorry, blogged on. But, hey, its been raining cats and dogs up here at Possum Creek and its no fun for a pup who is used to a lot of sunshine. I was trapped inside today with ML (Mistress Lyn, to you). Her buddy, Victoria, came over to help with the book-keeping and boy can those two yap-a-lot. I don't know how much book-keeping got done but I can tell you some of that girl talk was pretty interesting. But my lips are sealed. Don't even bother sending any bribes (unless they are those yummy Mutt Munchies from Bangalow Farmers Market). I'm a little bit worried that Victoria has a crush on me. Jeez, some women just seem to go crazy for the blond, cuddly types don't they?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the attention but for one thing I am twice her age and, for another, I'm a tenth of her size. I just don't see much future in it. Just look at this photo. Scary, isn't it.

We have some ladies staying in our Hilltop Cottage who have three dogs with them, all boxers! I'll be checking them out tomorrow and let you know what I think.
And Mistress Lyn is off to the Byron Bay Writers Festival but no dogs are allowed. What's the story? Don't they realise that there are some very well-read dogs out there that wouldn't mind a bit of intellectual stimulation? Life's a Bitch sometimes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New arrivals at Possum Creek!

Tina and Vince Muscovy are proud to announce the arrival of four offspring. Lyn thinks they are very, very cute and she is presently working on names. Hmmmm, I'm thinking Peking, L'Orange, Maryland and Confit!