Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dog Demands Digital Emancipation!

Howdy all,

Well its been a long time between posts and that's because I am totally dependent on ML (Mistress Lyn) to type up my dictation. Why oh why don't they make computers for dogs???? I'm sure I could get my head around it if only the keys were big enough for my otherwise dainty paws. And, excuse me, but what's the story with the mouse? 

Well, what's been happening, you may well ask. Nothing much in doggyland, unfortunately. But ML has been busier than a greyhound on Friday night. She is full of praise for the couple who run the Harvest restaurant at Newrybar, where she recently had lunch with the Bangalow Business Women's group. According to Christian, who owns the restaurant, the town is aiming to be  totally green. The Harvest owners grow a lot of their own vegetables on a farm nearby. They send all their scraps to the chickens on the farm who then pay them back with eggs and... (gulp) .... meat. ML was doing a story for the local radio station, BayFM, on locovores. That's people, and animals too, that only eat local produce. It's not as easy as it sounds apparently. We live in the sub-tropics, so we live in a great area for growing fruit and vegetables all year round. But if we were to make bread for instance, we would have to truck in flour from hundreds of kms away. ML got all enthusiastic about it for about five minutes and was making all my food from scratch. Naturally that didn't last very long but she is promising that she will get her act together on that and maybe cook on weekends and freeze ahead for the week. I'll believe it when I see it.

She also got to go to the opening of the new Dish restaurant which her friends Michael and Ross have taken over. It's a high end restaurant with fantastic menu, but I have to be tied up outside if she goes in for lunch (great friends you have Mistress Lyn!). But the good thing is that their doors slide open all the way, so I get a nice bowl of left-overs and it does feel as if I'm sitting there with them. 

ML's brother has been in hospital in Brisbane, about 2 hours drive north, so that's taken up a bit of her time. So I'll forgive her for ignoring me somewhat these last few weeks. She is promising to give me a wash, massage and haircut today, so I suppose I can't complain.

Beautiful weather here at the moment. You can really feel springtime coming on. Longer days and lots more frolicking and fun.. which reminds me: ML has said that once I'm finished with my beauty treatments, she will take me into Byron Bay for the Carnivale By the Sea. Yay. 

A sad little note too. Our friend Tracey lost her best friend Victoria a couple of weeks ago. According to Tracey she was the best little kittie in the whole wide world, but she was quite old for a cat (14) and it was just her time move on. Hope you're catching lots of mice up there in cat heaven Vic. I wish I'd asked you about the stupid computer mouse before you left us, though.


Anonymous said...


Tell ML to cook your food in advance and place it in one of those airtight containers. It stays fresh for about a week. Tastes so good, we have to remind the human kind that it's for me - Henry, your cousin from Cairns.

Charlie McCarthy said...

Thanks so much Hank. Looks like you've got a cushy deal going up there in Cairns. I have a feeling that your mistress may be a bit more 'evolved' than mine when it comes to domestic duties, but one can only hope. Big lick on the face to you, til next time.