Sunday, July 27, 2008


Saturday and the sun came out in full force: do you think I got taken to the dog friendly beach? Or for a romp over the paddocks? Or into town for a bit of a shop and sniff? No way dear readers. I was left at home to get up to my own devices while Mistress Lyn hob-nobbed it down to Byron to meet up with old mate David Stratton. She even brought back this photo which she is insisting that I put on my blog page, just to rub it in. ML hasn't seen David in a few years, so by all accounts it was really pleasant, with coffee first at the Byronian Cafe and then up to the Beach Hotel restaurant for a fantastic 3 course meal with wines and an entertaining chat by David and Bruce Beresford (director of Breaker Morant, Driving Miss Daisy, etc. etc). about the books they had written and were spruiking at the festival. It was supposed to be sold out, but David was able to wrangle ML a ticket. Obviously not what you know, but who you know!

Then she rushes in, tells us all about the amazing food she just ate, feeds us all our (very ordinary) dinner and takes off again! This time its to see local gals Scarlett Affection do their farewell gig before they go off on tour. I have to admit those gals are pretty special, so can't complain. That's them in the other pic. I tell you, they can rub my tummy any time they like!

Bad news: there is a fox sneaking around the farm and we have lost our two laying ducks, Tina and Pru. We are on high alert, especially as we have babies to protect. Its guys like these that give us canines a bad name. 

Looks like a bit of a lazy day today, although the Bangalow Markets are on and the Writers Festival is all a go-go, so I wouldn't be surprised what ML gets up to. Personally, I'd be happy just reading the Sunday paper and getting a takeaway doggycinno. 

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