Monday, December 22, 2008


Merry Xmas!

Such a long time between posts but, as you know, I am totally dependent on ML (Mistress Lyn) to help me keep in touch. She has gone and got herself a radio show and decided to do her own blog, which of course leaves me out in the cold, as far as mass communication goes. She has also gone totally bonkers with the Xmas outfit this year and expects me to greet guests in a set of reindeer ears. Five minutes after this photo was taken I squirmed out of it and buried the atrocity (location is top secret). Honestly, do I look impressed? 

She's asked me to let you know that her program, Theme Park,  airs on BayFM (99.9) Tuesdays 2-4pm, Eastern Standard Time and it streams on .
If you must humour her, read her blog at .

But enough about her, let's talk about me! Finally this week I got my Summer haircut and massage. Andrew came around while ML was out galivanting around somewhere. He felt sorrow for me and gave me the attention I have been so sorely lacking. After a very stylish doggy trim, we thoroughly discussed the type of massage that was suitable for a canine of my petite stature and maturity. Tossed up between Remedial and Bowen and decided that Remedial, with a bit of Aromotherapy thrown in, was the go. Check out the top photo of me and Andy on the back verandah. Now that's what I call a happy pup! 

Christmas is going to be a bit quiet. We lost a couple more ducks to the fox, so the duck pen is in a bit of a state. ML's daughter Zoe is in Paris for Xmas (its a hard life, but someone's got to do it!) and her son Jack is working in Sydney.  Our cleaner, Gordy, has gone to Port Douglas, with his partner Ross, for Xmas and New Year and John, our gardener, is also taking a week off. ML is going to be muchos busy running everthing on her own.

A group of ML's friends from Sydney are coming up for New Year so that should brighten up the scene a bit. And there are lots of guests staying on the property, all in a holiday mood. So as long as she doesn't try that cross-dressing palaver again, ML and I should have a very happy holiday season. Sending you all a big lick on the face, from your favourite mutt. Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. 

And here is a link to fabulous video just to prove that there are many, many other dog blogs out there, Yay! Merry Xmas!!


Liss said...

Happy New Year Charlie!! Good work on the antlers mate!

Anonymous said...

Hello Top Dog Charlie,
I have just returned from visiting your biggest fan, Aunty Linda, in Siddney. We had a grand ole time remembering fun times spent at The Lodge. The only downer was that it bought home what a huge hole Alf has left in our lives. Alf was a life saver to our Miss Linda in many ways. Thanks Alf for the perfect memories. Not wanting to replace Alf but could you please give Miss Linda some advice on getting another canine mate ??? Big Huggles Vik